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Chittison Herman 1945

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Chittison Herman 1945 torrent

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Chittison Herman 1945 torrent

Chittison Herman 1945
7. I Should Care - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac14.43 Mb torrent search
2. Schubert's Serenade - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac13.96 Mb torrent search
1. The Song has Ended - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac13.49 Mb torrent search
5. I'll Always Be In Love With You - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac13.32 Mb torrent search
10. These Foolish Things - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac13.28 Mb torrent search
3. How High The Moon - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac13.27 Mb torrent search
9. I'll Always Be In Love With You - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac13.27 Mb torrent search
12. Where Or When - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac13.23 Mb torrent search
8. All Of My Life - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac12.53 Mb torrent search
14. To A Wild Rose - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac12.29 Mb torrent search
4. There's Beauty Every - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac11.92 Mb torrent search
6. Poor Butterfly - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac11.72 Mb torrent search
13. Triste - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac10.76 Mb torrent search
11. I Had The Craziest Dream - Herman Chittison Trio - 1945.flac9.77 Mb torrent search

Chittison Herman 1945
text #1.JPG594.85 Kb torrent search
text #2.JPG583.86 Kb torrent search
tracks; jewel case back.JPG501.8 Kb torrent search
cover.JPG449.42 Kb torrent search
musicians; dates.JPG435.54 Kb torrent search

Chittison Herman 1945
Herman Chittison Trio - Herman Chittison Trio with Telma Carpenter.log13.13 Kb torrent search
CHIT .m3u for burrrn and VLC playback.m3u838 bytes torrent search

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