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Sekirei Ep 01 12 + OVA Dual Audio 1280x720 BDRip

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found 4 years ago
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Sekirei Ep 01 12 + OVA Dual Audio 1280x720 BDRip torrent

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Sekirei Ep.01-12 + OVA (Dual-Audio) [1280x720 BDRip] torrent

Sekirei Ep.01-12 + OVA (Dual-Audio) [1280x720 BDRip]
`Sekirei 2.jpg66.63 Kb torrent search
`Sekirei.jpg3.19 Mb torrent search
Info.txt6.24 Kb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.01 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.8 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.02 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.81 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.03 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.77 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.04 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.79 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.05 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.57 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.06 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.8 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.07 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.79 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.08 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.85 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.09 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.78 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.10 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.74 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.11 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.77 Mb torrent search
Sekirei Ep.12 [1280x720.BDRip].mkv104.68 Mb torrent search
Sekirei OVA [1280x720.BDRip].mkv98.38 Mb torrent search
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Sample info:
Duration: 00:23:38.24, start: 0.000000, bitrate: N/A
Imperial Capital Part 1
Imperial Capital Part 2
Stream #0.0: Video: h264 (High), yuv420p, 1280x720, PAR 1:1 DAR 16:9, 23.98 fps, 29.97 tbr, 1k tbn, 59.94 tbc (default)
Stream #0.1(eng): Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16 (default)
title	: AAC 2.0 (joseole99)
Stream #0.2(jpn): Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16
title	: AAC 2.0 (QTS Raws)
Stream #0.3(eng): Subtitle: ass (default)
title	: Signs/Songs (polished)
Stream #0.4(jpn): Subtitle: ass
title	: Dialogue (polished)
mimetype	: application/x-truetype-font
mimetype	: application/x-truetype-font
mimetype	: application/x-truetype-font
Park Laser112188 22900 PM.ttf
mimetype	: application/x-truetype-font
Sekirei Ep 01 12 torrent screenshot 41EF2D937E1221587D98A6628B94A1A9E3F6B417 Sekirei Ep 01 12  torrent screenshot 41ef2d937e1221587d98a6628b94a1a9e3f6b417 torrent Sekirei Ep 01 12
Sekirei Ep.01-12 + OVA (Dual-Audio) [1280x720 BDRip] images are auto generated please report any inapropriate images
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Sekirei Complete     17 2 3.18 Gb 3 years ago

Sekirei Ep 00.mkv sekirei 10.mkv Sekirei Ep 05.mkv Sekirei 09.

QTS SEKIREI BD H264 1280x720 30fps AAC 2 0+2 0 1 1 4.01 Gb 3 years ago

[QTS] SEKIREI Blu-ray BOX Eizou Tokuten - OVA Hajimete no Otsukai (BD H264 1920x1080 30fps FL

Sekirei Complete 1 4 3.18 Gb 1 year ago

Sekirei Ep 01.mkv Sekirei Ep 02.mkv Sekirei Ep 03.mkv Sekirei

F D Sekirei 480P Dual Audio 0 1 1.3 Gb 1 year ago

[F-D]Sekirei Ep 00-[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv [F-D]Sekirei 10-[480P][Dual-Audio].mkv


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