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Tribute To David McWilliams

104.53 Mb
found 3 years ago
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Tribute To David McWilliams torrent

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Tribute To David McWilliams torrent

Tribute To David McWilliams
 Disk 1
01-Meghan McWilliams-God And My Country.mp33.81 Mb torrent search
02-Davy Sloan-Three O'clock Flamingo Street.mp34.42 Mb torrent search
03-Ursula Burns-Can I Get There By Candlelight.mp35.8 Mb torrent search
04-Dawn Alexander-Letter To My Love.mp35.38 Mb torrent search
05-Brian Houstan-The Days Of Pearly Spencer.mp33.86 Mb torrent search
06-Henry McCullough-Cross The Line.mp34.8 Mb torrent search
07-Bob Speers-Harlem Lady.mp36.07 Mb torrent search
08-Hannah McWilliams-Mexico.mp34.15 Mb torrent search
09-Errol Walsh-You Dont Have To Worry About Me.mp36.49 Mb torrent search
10-Blackthorn-Dusty Bluebells.mp35.76 Mb torrent search
11-Ciaran Macgowan-Twenty Golden Years Ago.mp35.85 Mb torrent search

Tribute To David McWilliams
 Disk 2
01-Michael Robinson-Black Velvet.mp34.88 Mb torrent search
02-Gil McWilliams-She Was A Lady.mp35.31 Mb torrent search
03-Jackie Fullerton-Blue Eyes.mp33.89 Mb torrent search
04-The Irish Rovers-The Gypsy.mp35.8 Mb torrent search
05-Clarke Fullerton-You've Only Been A Stranger.mp33.87 Mb torrent search
06-Down To Earth-Mister Satisfied.mp34.64 Mb torrent search
07-Anthony Toner-For Josephine.mp34.52 Mb torrent search
08-Richard Gilpin-In The Early Hours Of The Morning.mp33.86 Mb torrent search
09-Tommy Sands-An Irishmans Dream.mp34.33 Mb torrent search
10-Willie Drennan-Spanish Hope.mp32.55 Mb torrent search
11-George Jones and Paul McNeilly-Peggy Sue Got Married.mp34.5 Mb torrent search
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